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Foreign Police Brno | Move To Brno relocation experts
Foreign Police Brno - opening hours

Foreign Police in Brno is responsible for registering stays of all foreigners moving to or visiting Brno. They also deal with a few other things. Read on and find out everything about the agenda of the Foreign Police in Brno, their location, opening hours and much more.

First of all, many people confuse the Foreign Police in Brno and the Ministry of the Interior in Brno. Let’s go through the difference shortly now.

Foreign Police Brno – agenda

The immigration law says that every foreigner visiting the Czech Republic (or moving here) must get registered with the Foreign Police within 3 days after their arrival.

This rule applies to everyone – EU citizens (they only have 30 days instead of 3), non-EU citizens, foreigners visiting the Czech Republic as tourist or foreigners moving here permanently.

If you are just a tourist though, you, in most cases, do not have to go to the Foreign Police in person. If you stay in a hotel, hostel or better (legal) AirBnb or similar accommodation facility, the accommodation provider must register you on your behalf. That is why you fill in the small white paper in hotels when you are checking in.

If you stay in a private flat though (i.e. you are visiting your friends or a family), you should go to the Foreign Police yourself and register there. Registering stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic is the main agenda of the Foreign Police then. The also deal with a few other things though:

  • registering stays of foreigners in the Czech Republic (as described above)
  • issuing official invitation letters
  • confirmation of your legal stay in the Czech Republic for wedding purposes

The Foreign Police is also responsible for dealing with illegal employment, illegal stays in the Czech Republic and similar things but that is not something you will go there for – hopefully 🙂

If you need to deal with any type of long-term visa, long-term residence permit, you want to change your address of residence, etc., all that is done through the Ministry of the Interior in Brno, not through the Foreign Police in Brno.

Foreign Police in Brno – location

The Foreign Police in Brno is located pretty conveniently, just a couple of tram stops from the Main Railway station (“Hlavní nádraží”). The closest public transportation stop to the Foreign Police in Brno is the “Tkalcovska” tram stop.

The exact address of the Police is Cejl 712, 602 00 Brno-střed-Zábrdovice.

The building itself does not really look like a Police building. It is a regular building in the neighborhood. You can only find out that you are in the right place thanks to a small sign saying :

Policie České Republiky
Odbor cizinecké policie
Oddělení pobytových agend

Opening hours of the Foreign Police in Brno are as follows:

Mon, Wed: 8-17
Tue, Thu: 8-14
Fri, Sat, Sun: Closed

The entry door looks like any other residential building door in that location. Just push the door though and go to the second floor (3rd in American 🙂 ). One thing to help you recognize you are on the right floor – steel bars everywhere 🙂

When you get to the second floor, you enter a waiting area with a couple of benches where you can sit and wait. The Foreign Police in Brno is usually not very busy so you might not need to wait too long. There is no calling system though so it works on “first comes first served” basis.

Foreign Police Registration – required documents

If you need to go to the Foreign Police in Brno on your own (i.e. you are a tourist staying with your friends, or your long-term visa was just approved, etc.), these are the documents you will need to bring with you to get registered successfully:

  • your passport/national ID (sufficient in case of EU citizens)
  • your visa – if you need it and it has been issued already
  • registration form – you can either get it from us or right at the Foreign Police in Brno
  • proof of your accommodation in Brno
  • proof of having a health insurance

When it is your turn to register, you go to the counter, present the above mentioned documents and wait. The Police Officer checks your documents and if everything is fine, they will put a big red stamp to your passport or to a separate piece of paper (if you do not have your passport – i.e. EU citizens).

In some cases this is it and you are good. In some cases (i.e. if you have just got your business visa) you also need to take the stamp to some other authorities (i.e. the Trade License office).

We have been to the Foreign Police million times so please contact us if you need assistance with the Foreign Police registration in Brno or even if you just have some questions about the process. We will be happy to hear from you and help you 🙂